1. Our aim is to  raise awareness of the importance of play for both adults and children.


2. To give children a voice by consulting and involving them in the development of play policies and the

design of play environments and facilities. The RAPID AIT (Area Implementation Team) will ensure that all

RAPID recreational funded projects will consult with children in the development of projects


3. To ensure that children’s play needs are met through the development of a child-friendly environment.

The RAPID programme will continue to identify recreational needs in the identified communities through

ongoing consultation.


4. To maximise the range of public play opportunities available to all children, particularly children from

diverse cultural backgrounds, those with a disability and those who experience disadvantage. The RAPID

programme targets the most disadvantaged areas in Kilkenny city.


5. To improve the quality and safety of playgrounds and play areas The RAPID projects will adhere to the

national guidelines.


6. To ensure that the relevant training and qualifications are available to persons, including volunteers,

offering play and related services to children


7. To develop a partnership approach in funding and developing play opportunities The RAPID Area

Implementation Team will continue you to take a partnership approach


8. To improve coordination and information, including evaluation and monitoring of all relevant bodies in

relation to play provision in the county. RAPID (Area Implementation Team)