It is generally accepted that there are direct linkages between poor educational

attainment and inter-generational disadvantage. At an individual level, there is the

increased likelihood of unemployment or low-skilled and poorly-paid employment and

also low levels of self-esteem.


For society, a wide range of social and economic inequalities is perpetuated and the gap

between the better-off and the less-well-off is widened.


The education system operates in the broader social and economic context. A wide range

of issues such as poverty, family breakdown and health problems can adversely affect the

learning capacity of pupils.


The education system cannot resolve these issues singlehandedly,but it can adopt a

lead role in influencing interventions that directly impact onthe ability of pupils to

derive maximum benefit from educational provision.


It is clear that one of the significant factors, if not the most significant factor, in helping

people to escape inter-generational poverty, is educational attainment.